Saturday, January 30, 2010

The one................

It is here, my much awaited and longed for Kitchen Aid Deluxe! Queue drum roll. I feel the need to keep saying "Deluxe", not just any old Kitchen Aid you know. I am really relishing in the new "baby".

Unfortunately our household has been sick for about a week and my first born started school this week for the first time, so the Kitchen Aid as not had a big run yet.

I had all these plans to do some fabulous things for Australia Day Tuesday just gone, but alas it was not to be. I did manage some lamingtons, but more on that later.

Many of you know of my quest for THE PERFECT VANILLA CUPCAKE. It has driven me mad for over a year. I can make, and have made, just about every other flavour with stunning results but the most basic of cup cake has driven me near mad (not a big leap - LOL!).

Anyway, the gods were smiling on me over the last week. They delivered the perfect Kitchen Aid DEEEELUXE, a new baby girl Daisy, for my girlfriend, Caz, and the perfect Vanilla Cupcake. What a beautiful combination that just couldn't be ignored!!

The new baby was definitely worthy of the first cup cake in my new Kitchen Aid. Not that a baby can eat a cup cake but bear with me.

Over the last few weeks I have been researching the internet, across many continents, for a number of vanilla cupcake recipes. I thought I would try roughly 4 of them and then take them into the workaholics Friday staff meeting and have them taste them and vote on them. Sorry guys, not going to happen!

Baby Daisy arrived on the Tuesday before the staff meeting and I decided to be brave and try one of the recipes. After much internal debate I decided on the famous Magnolia Bakery recipe. How can this world famous bakery be wrong?

It was a departure from my usual recipes because it asked for white sugar instead of caster sugar. I am used to the fine grain sugar in my cupcakes. It was a fairly simple recipe and is apparently their best seller. I can see why.

It was just what I hoped for soft and fresh and just the right amount of vanilla and a great texture. The workaholic and I looked at each other in excitement, finally the one! I just could not believe it. So many people ask for a plain cake with a variety of toppings from me and I never felt right using the recipes I had. Now I have the one!

I could not help but top it with a light strawberry buttermilk icing and a baby cot/pram topper for baby Daisy's arrival. After all, mum needed her energy to look after three girls under 4. 24 cup cakes and regular drop offs of some main meals from me should do it!


  1. oooooo pretty mixer!! I love kitchenaids! don't know what I'd do without mine. =)

  2. Oh I know, unfortunately, the racy red one I wanted was out of stock! Even more unfortunate is that Kitchen Aids over here start at about $700 whereas I believe you can get one for about $200? I have been dreaming about mine for some time, my five year old son could even pick them out in stores and tell who ever he was with at the time "that's what mum wants". Poor soul!