Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gluten Free & Vegan Cupcakes

Last week was the week of dietary requirements for cupcake orders. I had one for a gluten free birthday girl and one for a vegan. Both tasted fabulous, so good infact,  I wouldn't even bother saying "gluten free" or "vegan" and just pass them off as a divine chocolate cupcake. They were yummy.

In fact, I would use either recipe as my standard chocolate cupcake if the flourless one wasn't so damn expensive using real chocolate and almond meal and 10 eggs! Yes, 10 eggs! Luckily, I have access to some free range chooks in friend's back yards.

It has been particularily cold here in Alice Springs so I think that inspired my toppers on the Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes above. Really, they remind me of a Melbourne autumn for some reason.

And here is the vegan chocolate cup cake. It basically uses white vinegar, water and oil rather than eggs, milk and butter and is so moist and lovely.

I have since heard that there is a recipe in Alaska called "Wacky Chocolate Cake" which is basically the same recipe. The Alaskins came up with it due to the long winters of isolation and lack of fresh supplies, including dairy. A long time family friend lived there for a while many years ago and she used to make it.

The original recipe calls for a dusting of cocoa and icing sugar but you know I can't resist a dob of icing. So I substituted nutalex non dairy margarine for butter in a basic hot water, butter, cocoa recipe I used to do in my childhood and dadaaaa! Yummy. I was probably a bit light on in terms of icing but this was just a test run. Needless to say the vegan and non vegans alike gobbled them up and I last saw them sneaking out my door on a cold Alice Springs night.......enjoy!

Okay, seeing as you are all being so polite, I will bring up the subject, yes, I have been a bit slack on the blog. As I said last time, we are leaving our beloved Alice Springs and the house went on the market this week, so I have been busy cleaning. However, I have also finally created a "Baked by Kate" page on Facebook, which has some positives, one, I can update quickly, two,  I tend not to drone on like I do here (see all good!), so for those of you on Facebook, please look me up and click "like" and help spread the word!!! Until next time, mwaaaah, mwaaaaah.

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