Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The birds and the bees..................

How cute are these?!?! My girlfriend's little girl turned 2 last month, well, I think it was last month......seems like a long time ago!

The family was interstate and we didn't get to celebrate, so today was the day! She is a real little cutie and I decided she needed some cute little cakes to match.

Not to mention that I just wanted to have a go at these. They are featured in Planet Cakes book, which is a great book to get ideas from and have a go at relatively simple cakes and work your way up to 3D cakes. They explain the process of setting up a cake to decorating a cake from go to woe. It also helps greatly if you have done some of their courses too!

Anyway, in my usual style lately, I only took finished product photos, I just get so carried away and caught up in the moment when I am decorating, I forget all about it.

I have decided decorating cup cakes in this manner is just plain hard work. Much prefer the bigger cakes for this style of decorating. Cup cakes are for putting swirls on, not this elaborate work. Speaking of which, must away to fill an order for 24 yummy snickerdoodle cup cakes! Yum, yum, yum.

Enjoy the pics. The cakes were a hit with VERY big kids and little kids alike.


  1. Lyn would love those Tiger beetles. Keep up the great work darling, you are a star!! LC

  2. Dad would love some Collingwood and Western Bulldogs (aka Footiscray) decorated cup cakes and perhaps some Carlton ones for Craig...!