Sunday, March 21, 2010

My week at Planet Cake - The Finale!

Okay, it is with a tinge of sadness, I write this entry. I had such a great week in the "big city" immersing myself in all things cake and this entry represents my final for my first course at Planet Cake. All good things must come to an end. I am not sure how I will post about my ordinary little other cakes again!

This cake took 2 full days to make and it was a really great insight into how the professionals do their cakes. You see, according to the Planet Cake guru's, you should allow a minimum of 3 days to do one cake.

We also coloured our icing, covered our boards and made some flower petals and bamboo sticks from icing.

The next day we covered and decorated our cakes. Here is an action shot of me you do not usually get and probably will never get again! I had just stuffed up the covering of the big cake which you will see later on and was not exactly feeling photogenic. I also think many of us were fatigued from the week. It is a big week, bigger than I ever imagined and by Friday we were all stumbling a bit. I was certianly looking for the large size coffee on the Friday and just didn't feel "in the zone" the last day.

Once we had covered the cakes - here is the bit that broke my heart and makes me laugh all at the same time - we stabbed our cakes! It is amazing what you do to cakes that don't get seen, don't effect taste but make a difference to the outcome. We stabbed the bottom cake with 4 dowl sticks to make sure it would support the top tier. Cake decorating sometimes reminds me of that saying about the Duck looking calm and beautiful on top but underneath he is paddling madly.

We then pulled the flower together, prior to dusting it with powder.

Then I covered it with the "icing wrap" or "trim" and finished off the bottom of the cake. The pink wrap does have a textured pattern to it but it was very subtle and does not come out in the photos.

Tada! The finished product!

I had a great time at Planet Cake. I was so fortunate to be given the chance to do this course and follow my passion. I had to do it in another State, which meant a week away from my family, which was hard but the only way to do it, as you really need to concentrate. I would spend an hour or so writing notes back at the hotel - not something two small children would allow! I am so fortunate to have a supportive Workaholic and inlaws who stepped into my mothering role for the week. Thank you and big hugs to you all.

I have been back a week and have been too busy with misbehaving cars, last minute St Pats day cake orders and other things to practice anything I have learnt yet, but I have thought about it every day and look forward to getting stuck into it this week.

Oh, and I have booked two more days of their courses in May! Yippee! This time I am going to tackle novelty cakes, given I have kids and predict they will be wanting something pretty special for their birthdays from now on!


  1. wow! this is simply exquisite! i'm really jealous of your talent!

  2. Aw thanks Judy. You do amazing things - one of my male friends who reads your blog because I recommended it thinks your husband must be the happiest man alive. LOL!

    I have just been admiring your cupcake/cookies entry and trying to figure out how I could fit that into next week for the kids and do an easter version. They look fabulous.

  3. crack me up are very talented and you can also take that blasted Llama cake off of