Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring is in the air

This cake was ordered many weeks ago by a repeat customer (oh, how I love those customers), who's only stipulation was the cake was really small and had a spring theme with some daisies.

The flavour of the cake was a new one for me, lemon poppy seed mud cake. Alice Springs fruit trees are in full bloom and everyone is giving me lemons (thank you), so citrus mud it was!

The cake itself  is only 7inches. Tiny! Not much you can do decoration wise, without it seeming crowded. I found this out the hard way when I made lots of flowers and then found the cake looked too busy, I wanted to keep it simple.

So I did. And was really happy with. One small problem for the poor birthday girl, even though it is September and Alice Springs, spring has not sprung and it would have had to have been the coldest, wettest Spring day in Alice on her birthday.


  1. I found your blog by accident, what an awesome lemon mud cake! I too was a big city marketing manager in a previous life, and am now a SAHM of young kids in Alice Springs. Unfortunately my baking attempts tend to be very messy as the kids like to "help". Your blog has inspired me to try some grown up baking while they nap next time!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed it. I love getting comments so I know I am not alone in "blog world". What a coincidence, your life sounds just like me! I tend to do all my baking when they are not around (in bed, at school or kinder), although, I have always baked around them and the novelty has worn off a bit. LOL!

  3. I have enjoyed watching your baking progress on the blog to the quite professional finishes you are doing now. It has been a great pleasure. Good luck with the move south. Your loving grandma x

  4. Thanks Grandma xxxx

    Things are crazy but will talk to you soon!