Monday, November 9, 2009

Snickerdoodles - the good, the bad and the ugly!

One of these snickerdoodles is from an American recipe, one is from a very well known UK chef. One looks very appealing and tastes just amazing. The other tastes quite good but looks like something I don't think we should discuss here!

Oh, how I love a snickerdoodle. While an exchange student some 20 years ago in a very small rural town in the middle of Iowa (stop the jokes now!), I knew them as Cinnamon and Sugar cookies. My lovely American friend, Tammie is slowly decoding my descriptions of dishes and bringing me their correct names and sometimes recipes.

This one (the good one) I found myself on an American recipe site, sent in by a reader. Thank you Mrs Sigg!

As for you Ms N Lawson (renowned chef) , please throw away your recipe and start again. Although I must say, what was I thinking??? Using a recipe for an American cookie from a Pommie! Yet another lesson learn't in my journey.

Ordinarily, I would not post a picture of such a failure but I thought, what is this blog about except for the ups and downs of baking? I rarely have a failure, probably because I play it very safe. Whereas over the last week, I have excelled in failures! This is because I have been stepping out of my comfort zone (see sponges) - not that cookies are outside my comfort zone, but obviously this recipe was wrong, just wrong!

Anyway, the whole bunch of good snickerdoodles went into the Workaholics office, never to be seen again, and loved!

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