Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Oh, how I love American holidays, they are so OTT and you can just let your imagination go wild. They give everything a red hot go and I just had to join in this year.

The cup cakes are the tried and true flourless chocolate ones, although I did some basic chocolate ones for the kids, which one 12 year old boy said were "gorgeous!". The front cup cakes are witches, the middle are hand made pumpkins. I used a toothpick to make the creases in the pumpkin and then some little holly leaves for the top. Topped it off with some gold glitter. The back ones were bats. Don't you just love the orange in the icing? So Halloween.

I had so much fun making them and best of all I got paid to do it! Lets hope more of that comes my way.

The gingerbread mummies were made for a Halloween BBQ we went to. More on the adult dessert in another blog. I have to confess I borrowed the idea from an American website but my Australian hosts were none the wiser. Sometimes it is the simple things that are the best. I just got the actual gingerbread recipe from a coles brochure in store while doing the groceries and it tasted Divine. The top is just melted white chocolate and mini M&Ms.

We took the kids trick or treating in the American section of town for the first time. So cute dressed in costumes. Unfortunately one of our friends scared poor Alice while trying to scare some teenagers and given it was the second house we went to, she only managed to do two more houses before she gave it up. Too scared. Better luck next time.

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  1. how cute and creative! you did a wonderful job on these! =)