Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day - Brownie Heart Cupcakes

Lately, I have been loving trying some of the Martha Stewart Cupcakes from her website, so much so that I have just ordered a couple of her books online.

Most of you have figured out I am a big chocolate fan but chocolate in cupcakes tends to elude me. I have the perfect flourless chocolate cupcake recipe, the perfect brownie recipe, the perfect chocolate mud cake recipe, but I struggle with other chocolate recipes. I don't know what it is. I probably need to talk to a food scientist or professional baker. I can not tell you how many of my recipes have ended up as "chocolate pudding", "chocolate triffle" or just plain in the bin!

I have had such a good run lately that I was super confident with this recipe - I did quiver at one point and thought "you have the perfect brownie recipe, why not use that to make these" but no, I forged ahead with Martha's recipe, she had served me well.

The recipe is fairly straight forward and I followed it to the letter. Basically make half the mix into cupcakes and the other half into a brownie slab. I was a bit pressed for time as I needed to pick up my daughter from kinder at the time they would be ready. But it all worked out, they were ready early and I pulled out these perfectly formed and slightly risen delights, very excited about turning them into the "master pieces". I wanted to take a photo of them, they were so perfect, but as I said, I was running off to kinder pick up, so left them on the bench.

Here is where I really wished I had taken that photo - twenty minutes later I arrived home to take my perfect little brownie cupcakes out of the tin to find disaster! My perfectly formed brownies had sunk and cracked. WHY, WHY, WHY?

Luckily it didn't alter the yummy taste and I decided to go with "rustic" brownies - who knows, Martha's picture had the whole cupcake covered in icing so maybe they do crack and look rustic underneath (wishfull thinking!). I iced them with vanilla butter cream and cut the hearts out of the brownie slab. I thought with a bit of red heart presentation they came up well and they disappeared in about 3 minutes. So quickly that the Workaholic missed out! Let me assure you honey, they were yum!

But,if someone can help me with my chocolate rising then falling, or not rising, disasters please speak up!! It happened again with another choc chip cookie cup cake recipe yesterday from Martha Stewart - this one didn't even have chocolate in the mix, just stirred into the batter! I am not even going to bore you with a blog on that disaster! Don't get me wrong they all taste beautiful but the presentation is terrible darlings!

Signing off, one VERY frustrated baker. xx

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