Monday, October 26, 2009

Impressing the boss...

So, the Workaholics Director flew in from Darwin late last week with a request for my cupcakes. (the "W"orkaholic managed to read the blog the other day and thought his name deserved a BIG W, so here goes!).
I cheated a bit and went with the Flourless Chocolate one instead of following my rules of always trying a new flavour.
It got rave reviews and I am having so much fun making new cupcake toppers, including this double star.
Also, the Workaholics office have been having a whip round for donations for me in the hope that I keep baking and they see/eat the results. This meant I was able to buy a fantastic cake decorating book I have had my eyes on for a while. Thank you guys! I can't wait to have a couple of spare moments to try some things in there.
In the meantime, I have my youngest's birthday tomorrow, stay tuned for that disaster of a cake, as well as visitors and preschool commitments for the next couple of weeks so the blog might be a bit slow.

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