Friday, October 16, 2009

The Kenwood Mixer - from brand loyal to "Sunbeam who?"

Well here it is! The Kenwood.
Anybody want to take a guess at how old it is? Apparently it was purchased in David Jones in Sydney many years ago. To scared to ask the previous owner its vintage but I would say pre 1970's - what do you think?
Anyway, fired it up over the last few days and it has been fabulous. Only down side is the noise, the poor kids leave the house for the safety of the back yard when I turn it on.
I have been experimenting with the mixer and a few new hand made cake "toppers" so you will see the photos in quick succession shortly. I am obsessed with a website called "Little Betty Baker" and have ordered quite a bit of them in the last few weeks, so much so, the owner and I are on a first name basis. Look out for Halloween cupcakes, Christmas cupcakes and even Melbourne Cup Cup Cakes soon.
Halloween & Thanksgiving are huge in Alice Springs, owing to the large American population working at "the base" or Pine Gap. The American side of town is lit up with Halloween decorations and many families sitting out the front of their houses giving away treats. I am told you need to get there by 6pm to score the loot.
And on festivities, why is Melbourne Cup Day celebrated in every place outside of Melbourne??? It trully is a race that stops a nation. The workaholic has commissed me to do some race day cup cakes for their staff function......wonder if I will get an invite!??!!! Hope they remember that Melbourne is an hour and a half in front. Hee, hee.
Anyway, till next time...

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