Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planet Cake 105 - Black and White Chandelier - all time fav!

This cake concentrates on the art of the cube and square. Squares and cubes are much more difficult to pull off than a round cake, because of all the angles, although I quite like the challenge.

The further you go in Planet Cake training the more freedom you get. This cake had to be a two tiered large cube and square cake but the colours and design where up to us.

It was the first time this course had used stencils. Prior to this one it was piping, which I was keen on practicing but am so glad we got to stencil.

I have a bit of a thing for black and white, so I went with that.

We were fortunate to have a generous class mate who had lots of good stencils, along with those provided by Planet Cake, so I borrowed the chandelier design from my class mate, Voula. I also have a thing for chandeliers at the moment too.

The bottom cake is actually two 8 inch mud cakes. I used a large stencil on front and back and a smaller stencil on the sides so there was some difference.

The flower is a peony rose with some leaves and red berries. Rose colour, berry colour etc was ours too.

I loved this course. All of us started with the same base cake and they all ended up so different. Even the three black and white cakes ended up very different from each other. See pics below.

Planet Cake - 106 - Springtime is supposed to be the first time you get to totally create your own cake, but I think this may become the new Springtime, or a mini one anyway!

Love, love, love everything about this cake.

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