Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An outback wedding

So far this is one of my favourite cakes. I have discovered I really love building a scene/story on a cake.

This one was a wedding  for a same sex marriage in Alice Springs. The brides had previously married in the UK, where marriage is legal over there.

I have had many people baulk at this cake and its gay element, but to me it is really simple. If two people are in a loving, respectful relationship I don't care what colour, sex, size or religion they are, as long as they are happy.

One of my best girlfriends is gay and would be LHAO right now at me because it is so typical that my first ever paid wedding cake is for a gay couple. I have spent lots of time known as her "handbag" and protected her from unwanted gay stalkers/groupies (she is a talented singer) over the years. Having said that, another gay male friend said "my god, I always thought one of the benefits of being gay is not having to get married", so each to their own. Either way, it should be legal.

Okay, social justice and politics aside (again!), I love this cake. It is two layers of fruit cake, topped with home made marzipan and then fondant. I planned this cake in my head on the way back from a road trip to Adelaide at Easter, and it all worked out perfectly.

The couple had already been married in the UK and brought back the bride toppers and camel and wanted me to incorporate them into the design. Their original cake was Uluru with them sitting on top but I wanted to do something a bit more them.

They both ride motor bikes and quads and enjoy camping up here. They have careers that take them out bush regularily and they deal with the indigenous community. These were my inspirations.

I used an indigenous painting in my house to match the brilliant red dirt colour we get up here. I covered the cakes and then proceeded to make 4WD tracks all over my beautifully covered cake - go figure! I then added bits of the couple, the bike they ride, tent, and other bits traditionally seen in central australia, snakes, stuart desert peas, VB cans etc. They are fun people, and I wanted to express that in the cake.

I think it works well and it was a big hit at the ceremony on Saturday, along with their other cake (more to come in the next blog).

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