Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good bye cupcakes.............

This one will be short and sweet!

I am doing lots of faces on cup cakes at the moment, people having babies and going on maternity leave need smiling and crying baby cupcakes, people leaving town or work need crying people cup cakes.

I have done three farewells in the last fortnight. This is one of them. I really like the way you can give some one something special, individual and unique.

This one was for a teacher leaving one of the local schools. The faces are supposed to be a cross section of kids she taught, crying because she is leaving. The board was done in the school colours and I even tried to pipe in the "school font".  LOL! Just unnatural, how do the little ones do it?!

The faces cup cakes are so cute and get such a reaction. One of the jobs I did was for a friend at the Workaholic's office. She ordered some crying/smiling babies for a girl in her team going on maternity leave. I didn't really know her, she kept to herself, but she took the time to come around when she found out I was in the office, visiting the Workaholic, and thank me for doing them. It was so touching to think that a piece of "cake art" has touched someone enough to actually come and see the "creator".

I love this part of my "hobby". I love my hobby anyway, but positive feedback is the icing on the cake (pardon the pun!).

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  1. Will anyone bake you a goodbye cake when you leave. Just make sure they put lots of crying faces on the cakes (better make the cakes waterproof also!!!) What a fantastic result you are achieving, bet workaholic is really impressed. MIL