Monday, December 7, 2009

Raindeer Chow - here comes santa claus!

Have I mentioned I love Christmas? And that I love chocolate? This post is all about the two.

A few weeks ago an American girlfriend, Tammie and I were discussing baking gifts for christmas. She told me that she made Raindeer Chow and her husband's workers likened it to be as addictive as Crack Cocaine. I was intrigued. I had never heard of Raindeer Chow and inquired as to the ingredients.

Later I googled recipes for Raindeer Chow. None of them looked like she described or had the same ingredients. In fact rather than be described as Raindeer Chow, I would describe them as Raindeer droppings, if you get my meaning.

So after much looking Tammie kindly passed on her recipe. Tammie and I have a lot in common and are in many ways alike, we love to bake things with sugar in them and we love to do homebaked gifts. She says its because she is from the Mid West States and people out there don't cook anything without fat or sugar. Sounds perfect to me. If people had "sister cities" like towns have, she would be mine!

I talked in earlier posts about simple recipes and needing more of a challenge. I may have to make an exception for Raindeer Chow. It tastes awesome, looks very festive and is so simple and it is a great fun to do with the kids!

It contains two types of sugary american cereal - honey and chocoalate chex, pretzels, M&Ms, cashews and white chocolate. Simply mix all ingredients (left) except white chocolate and then pour melted white chocolate over it. Refridgerate if you live in a hot climate like me and then break into pieces for devouring. Next time I am going to use the christmas M&Ms and may also add marshmallows. It didn't photograph as good as it looked - it looked very festive and yummy.

This stuff is not for the faint hearted. It gives you a real sugar hit. I told Tammie it made my teeth hurt! It is addictive.

The workaholic took it in to his office with the warning to only let them have once piece each due to sugar content. What can I say, it was a Friday and obviously those Child Protection workers do not know how to exercise restraint as the whole office was described as absolutely "buzzing" and "manic"that afternoon. LOL.

Crack coccaine indeed.


  1. Kate, I hope you're going to bake some of these
    when you're down here. Why should Craig's workers get all the yummy stuff...... besides, we have bought a kithen scale for your use!!!!!

  2. Should not be a problem. Yummo