Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reconciliation Week

As most of you know, I live in outback Australia, which has a large indigenous population (one of the reasons I love living here).

This week marked Reconciliation week. A week of activities based on working together (black and white) towards a better Australia, I like to call it!

Anyway, enough social politics, Dorelle, in the Workaholic's office was in charge of celebrations, ofcourse she contacted me regarding a cake.......bit hard not to when I am the bosses wife.....LOL!

After much discussion, we decided on the Reconciliation logo and their slogan/theme for this year.

I love working with the more natural/indigenous colours. Surprisingly, Alice Springs had 95% humidity the two days I was trying to ganache and cover the cake. Made for a VERY soft cake and a less than ideal finish. I don't have fridge big enough to give the ganached cake a quick set so the air con was blasting on a not very warm day (could explain the kids colds!) but didn't do the job. Planet cake recommeds not ganaching or covering on those types of days, but I didn't really have an option with a deadline looming and 2 more cakes to go before stepping on a plane.

On the plus side, each cake I am doing provides more lessons and tips on improving next time.

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