Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The odd order...........

It has come to my attention that I have been a bit slack on the blog front for a week or so. I have  been quite busy doing the cake, camping and life thing though, so please forgive me.

I have had a few orders and I am in the process of cooking for a few more, including fruit cakes (yikes) for a tiered wedding cake coming up (double yikes!).  Most of the orders were for things you have already seen, so there has not been much to tell.

There were a couple of extra things so I thought I would show you in this blog and the next entry as part of my "journey".

This one is a birthday cake for a lady who's 5 and 7 year old decided that she should have a "special" cake. She stopped me at school late last week, three days before the big event, and asked me to call her husband so that he and the kids could order a cake. Okay, sounds simple? Not exactly.

Hint to women who want their children/spouses to order their cakes: be really clear about what sort of cake you like or just call me on the sly! Luckily, poor old hubby was happy to be "directed" by me and it all worked out smashingly.

I had a challenge on this one, as they didn't want the full blown fondant (oooohhhhhh! But I really like doing those ones!) and they had a budget that excluded it anyway. So I compromised with a few bits of fondant and probably ended up paying them to take my cake. LOL! But I can't just go with plain cake, had to play with it.

This one is the yummy white chocolate cake I had such success with doing the ANZAC Day Cake, with a strawberry filling, and then the whole cake is ganached with white chocolate as if I was going to cover it in fondant.

Her hubby told me she likes horses, and I knew her kids did, so I went with a few "rustic" fences, some flowers and my trusty horse cutter. She is not a real girlie girl, like me, so I didn't want to go OTT.

I am also learning to stick to budget, my kind heart keeps getting in the way and I want to do more, or give them extra, no way to run a business, well a "hobby" business that might at least cover costs anyway!

So I had to stop my self from going OTT. For budget and time constraints I think it came out well, although I am really getting a preference for fully decorated fondant cakes. I just think the finish is so much better than the ganache or buttercream cakes.

It is interesting, when I reflect on how far I have come on this baking journey, full circle back to where I first started over 20 years ago in Year 10, decorating cakes with fondant!!

 I would love to do it day in and day out, maybe one day I will......................watch this space........

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  1. Go for it girl, conquer the world with your cakes and if you need extra education, then do it, you so deserve it...and thanks for the Monthers Day gift so beautiful and so thoughtful, and yes you're right, I couldn't resist opening it!! LOL Mum x