Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy

It is our son's 6th birthday today. Happy birthday my little man. Love you heaps.

I always let the kids pick the kind of cake they want and they spend ages flicking through my cake books.

Oscar had requested a Mr Tickle cake, from the Mr Men series, weeks ago. I was quite surprised but looking forward to it too. How much fun would I have with his long tangled arms!

Anyway, I got back from a trip to Melbourne and the cake courses, feeling a bit under the weather and needing to decorate two cakes in three days. I was lacking in motivation.

You can imagine how pleased I was when Oscar turned around on the Wednesday night just as I was about to start trimming the cake and said "I want a Mr Tickle cake for my 7th birthday, this birthday I want a Robot cake". What?!?!?!?

For some reason, after the smoke stopped coming out of my ears and the kids where in bed, I decided that I should come up with something. I researched the internet, printed out various robots. Decided I didn't want to make a robot novelty cake as that would involve baking another cake and I didn't have the time nor motivation.

I liken it to someone who is married to a plumber but her dripping tap never gets fixed. I have been so caught up in everyone elses work that I think I was a bit over the whole cake before I even started. I decided to keep it simple and model some robots of a cake I had seen on the internet. Apparently they aren't robots, the kids on the day informed me. Apparently, they look like a character from a kids TV show called Go Gabba, Gabba, or some such thing, I really should watch more kids tv!

I did have some fun with the pearl dust and sparkled up the board and the cake. The board looked amazing, like silver, even though the icing was actually grey.  So I ended up using my sons birthday cake to experiement. Is that wrong?

I think it ended up being a pretty cool 6th birthday cake. Simple but effective. I like it!

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