Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Happy Easter everyone! I have had such fun this week. I am really getting into the cake decorating zone. I have loved being really creative with this cake and have not missed baking at all.

I must say up front, that I sort of cheated on this one, and copied elements of this design from someone elses website who I admire greatly, she does brilliant work.

Hey, I am just practicing here, don't need to be coming up with designs as well as figure out how to execute! It is enough to just figure out the execution at this stage.

I love this cake. Loved figuring out how to make all the bits and then actually working on it. Loved it. Really appealling to my creative side, that I didn't know I had. LOL.

This cake was the first of many firsts. The first time I had tried the gluten free Orange and Almond cake recipe in the Planet Cake book. It came out well but I find most of the gluten free cakes a bit "wet" inside, I guess that is the lack of flour. Makes for a VERY moist cake though!

It was the first time I had worked with a white chocolate ganache. This was good but nowhere as stable as the dark chocolate ganache and I am tipping is going to be VERY rich and sweet in taste.

It is the first time I have done a design not taught to me by "Planet Cake", so I had to work out myself how to do the Rabbit, how to do the Rabbit bottom etc. I loved the challenge. I knew as I was nutting it all out before I even started, that it was going to be great. If I do say so myself!

Here are some pics of how it came together.

Doesn't look like much!

This is the "grass" border and my messy bench!

Here's the grass boarder once I  had hand cut the grass, yes, that's right, hand cut!

The start of my flowers and carrots. I ended up cutting some grass for the top rabbit hole and the carrots from a pasta machine. The things we do!

Starting the flower border

Ta da! The finished product. To the left is a rabbits bottom, feet and tail sticking out of the cake! I loved this bit. See pic below.

I absolutely loved making this cake. I can not wait for the next adventure. We are off on holidays for Easter for a few weeks but the next blog will be about a 40th birthday cake with a footy theme - a paid gig!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Wow Kate - that cake looks amazing - so professional and cute as - I love it - YOu are so creative. So glad you are getting some paid gigs now - your work is so worth it. Happy Easter to You and Craig and the kids. Have a great holiday.