Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Brownies

Okay, Brownies are not the most photogenic things in the world, but these particular ones do taste gorgeous.

Being Australian, the brownie does not feature regularily in my diet. In fact I have only ever made them once many years ago and called it a failure as it tasted like a very dry, crunchy cake.

I can not remember buying one ever. Which is very strange given my love for all things chocolate.

So what changed my mind? Well, this recipe. It is, as I mentioned in my last post, one of those normal everyday things publishers/chefs rename from the simple Raspberry Brownie to the "Christmas Brownie" this time of year to sell more magazines. (Guess who used to work in Marketing and is a bit cynical??!).

The recipe contains white chocolate, frozen raspberries and lots of the standard brownie ingredients. I think the raspberries make the difference. Adding beautiful summer fruit to any desert is a winner in my book, and makes everything more moist.

I have also learnt alot more about brownie baking since my first attempt and really kept my eye on the oven.

The Workaholic's samplers were chasing him down the corridors of the workplace for more - even those on the usual summer "diets" and some who are not fond of the cup cake icing even thought they were better than my cup cakes!

Shame, shame, how can that be, better than a cupcake? Never.....

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