Monday, March 15, 2010

My week at Planet Cake Part 2

Day two at Planet Cake was a square cake. The square cake shape is the harder shape out of round and square, as it has all the sharp angles/corners. Or at least that is what you are aiming for. I think I did an okay job for my first time but it is on my list to improve.

Anyway, I intend to master the square, it appeals to my OCD personality! Nice and neat and sharp.

Before we start - everything on the previous exploding stars cake and this cake is hand made and edible, except for the wire in the stars and the satay stick through the figure!

This is when the fun began and we started making our figurines. Most of the class made girls, but I had promised my little boy, that I would make a cake for him today as yesterday's was my little girl's favourite colours, so I needed to do a boy figurine.

At this stage, it was all getting a bit "Master Chef" or "My kitchen rules" and the instructors where yelling out at various points throughout the day "5 minutes to go", "okay, you only have 15 minutes to do that, before coming back here". So I decided to just make sure I had enough time to have a go at each technique rather than perfect each technique, hence his hands are somewhat squashed on. Hands will need to be practiced a bit, not to mention, the lopsided grin. Ah, it's all good!

I am not really happy with the photos of the finished cake. There just wasn't enough time to get good shots. It is not like you are at home and can muck around for hours getting the right shot. By this stage we were running late and it was a matter of a few quick snaps and we were out of there for the day. See, the amazing thing about the Planet Cake workers was that, once we were gone at 4.30pm, they cleared up the kitchen and really got stuck into their cake orders. Most days they were in at 8am and finished at 9pm. I guess that is why they only run limited courses, as we take over their kitchen that week and they need to work long hours to catch up.

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