Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roll up, roll up to the yummiest cake in town...

After a week of cake making like never before, in between my normal life, I slipped off to another two courses at Planet Cake.

I wanted to keep going with the "foundations" stream but none of the dates work with me until next year so I thought I might have a go at the "novelty" stream. A bit more creative and a little bit more forgiving than the more traditional "foundations" stream. Besides, given I am in the "child rearing" phase, I am assuming it is going to come in more handy than the "foundations" for a while.

These two courses were run in Melbourne last weekend in a freezing cold building in Kew. The group of people that attended were much more varied than the last course I did. A real mix, from the serious decorator to the "just want to learn how to make a cake for my kids" type people.

The first day was the big top with clown. I loved playing with the cake, shaping and carving it, getting it how I wanted it. In hindsight, I went a bit over the top with the pointy bit, but what can you do!

For a simple cake, the atmosphere in the room was quite tense. I found this day more challenging than 102 (the island) but got a lot out of the day. Just to be reminded of some tips I had forgotten since last time, and to get some reassurance I was on the right track with some other bits was invaluable.

The cake was demolished in about 30 seconds after I stepped in the door at my brother's house so the photos are a bit rough but you will get the idea.

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