Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Workaholic

This "star" or "starfish" cake was just a bit of fun for the kids to help celebrate the Workaholic's birthday.

I always do a kid friendly cake for the Workaholic's and my birthday, as the kids get a real kick out of it. And really, at our age (cue the violins!), birthdays and other celebrations are for the kids. They get so excited, seeing the cake, decorations and presents - even though it is not for them.

This cake called for 79 mini cup cakes and one big cup cake. It was fairly simple to pull together and looked bright and happy, just like my Workaholic.

The only flaw was that summer has hit and we had a 39 degree day today, with 40's expected from now until Easter, and my icing started to melt within the 5 minute drive to town. Never happened before. This means I am going to have to look for a firmer icing. It's a bit of a shame as many people comment that my icing is a better flavour than the sweeter version sold in town. But as my chef friend Mike says, "Presentation is everything, ladies" so I guess I may have to compromise on taste. Not much point in having a great tasting icing if it wont stand up at the markets.

Happy Birthday Honey. Hope you had a great day.


  1. Happy Birthday to Craig!! I think I will have to plan my trip for around birthday time!! yum yum - love kid friendly cakes. they are my favourite!! lol

  2. Hi Kirsten - I just finished an order of 75 cup cakes to go into a transition (prep) class and a 4 year old kinder class - wouldn't you love to be their teacher when the sugar hits! LOL