Monday, November 30, 2009

"Movember" cup cakes

So here we are at the end of "Movember". Thank god! Facial hair is not my thing - even if you are Brad Pitt, so I haveAdd Image endured the month of November as the Workaholic and his work mates grew facial hair for charity. Enough already. It's the 30th. Shave them off!!!

Breathe Kate, just breathe.

I used the whole thing as another excuse for cup cakes. However, it couldn't be a delicate pretty little thing, it had to be a man's mans cup cake. Rich and blokey and full of body. This is why I could not go past the Guinness Chocolate Cup Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Irish Baileys Buttercream Icing.

It is not for the faint hearted. It calls for a cup of Guinness, some whiskey (which I didn't bother with) for the ganche and Bailey's Irish Cream in the icing.

It is full of chocolate. Dark Chocolate in the cake, dark chocolate in the ganache, chocolate everwhere.

They were very easy to make and required me to try something different, in that I had to scoop out some of the top of the cake to pour in the ganache, before icing. I think the tasters will be in for a pleasant surprise tomorrow at the fundraiser. Two of their favorite ingredients - chocolate and alcohol and a new element, ganache filled cup cakes! The recipe didn't require lots of beating which was a bit out of my comfort zone, I just love to beat and I feel a bit weird and not quite worthy when the recipe is so easy.

I had to do something "mo" like for the toppers so I just printed out "cut out moustaches" from the internet (I love the internet - you can find anything!!) and laminated them before cutting them out and sticking them on toothpicks.

I think they turned out well, however I do prefer my toppers edible. Less fidly for the eater that way.

So enjoy my fellow fundraisers and dig deep into your pockets for Movember.

Also, congratulations to the Irish girls who were winners of the silent auction for Movember at the workaholic's office who bid $100 for a tray of my cup cakes - who knows you may change your choice of flavours after this one!

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