Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Workaholic's zebra cake

Poor ol' Workaholic married to a cake maker! It was the workaholics birthday in the middle of my Planet Cake week and our moving house week, so the pressure was on, and time was tight.

I had asked him weeks before what sort of theme he wanted. Beach, motorbikes and a few other things were thrown into the conversation. Not sure why I asked, as I did what I wanted and he ended up with Zebra stripes!

You see, each family members cake (ie unpaid cake), I use as an opportunity to try a new flavour or technique I want to try. In this case, the Workaholic got his flavour (caramel mud) but that's where the love stopped!

You may have noticed my love for black and white. It is actually quite hard to pull off. For starters, black is very sticky on account of all the colour required. Secondly, one touch of the black on the white and you have a unsightly mess. Also, thr cornflour needed to roll out your icing, looks terrible if a speck of it gets on the black. All things you need to be mindful off.

So with some left over black and white icing from 105, I decided to try my hand at some painting on to a cake, something I haven't done before. It worked okay, but next time, I will be a bit more heavy handed. Seems I was a bit delicate. I have since seen some hand painting in action and you can add so much more colour.

The Workaholic had a great birthday and I got to play with some techniques. Happy wife, happy life!!

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