Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 80th birthday to a music teacher

Imagine being lucky enough to reach 80? Oh, all the things you would have seen, all the changes to the world, all the new family members. I think reaching that age, if you fully embrace life and live it to the full, would be sensational.

My 84 year old grandmother was on the back of my cousin's jet ski at the weekend. Now that is what I call embracing life! Go Grandma! She has always given everything a red hot go and I love and admire her for it.

I digress. With about 12 hours until I get on a plane with 2 small children I am up to my ears in cakes. Beautiful flourless chocolate cakes that remind me of the chocolate brownies I have been making, all fudgy and delicious.  They are for a client who's mum in law is having a 80th next week.

She doesn't mind what I do to decorate the cakes except one must have an 80 on it. My other clues are that the lady used to be a piano teacher and loves music and the Adelaide Crows (football team to those not in Australia!). Well, decoarating anything Adelaide Crows is out of the question. So I went with hand made chocolate music symbols with the "80" scattered throughout. The above photo is just a snap of a few of them. I hope she likes them.

Happy Birthday!

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