Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rules aren't always made to be broken..............

I am new at this business and I have been learning lots lately. What I will and wont do. When to say no (mmm, not really in my vocabulary, so may take a few goes to stick!) and that some rules aren't supposed to be broken.

I did this cake for a sweet young lady called Sam. Her three best friends are leaving town this week and she wanted to farewell them with a party and a cake.

Sounds simple enough? One problem, she didn't get around to asking me until Thursday afternoon and the party was Saturday night. Some of you may remember back to my earlier posts, whereby I explain that according to Planet Cake rules, these types of cakes require a three day minumum to produce. Yikes.

But she looked at me so sweetly and said I could keep it simple but do what I liked, so I was off and running.

Big mistake! Firstly, she wanted my strawberry white chocolate mud. White mud is less stable than dark and requires a white chocolate ganache, which is also less stable. To top it all off I had to bake and ganache all in a 24 hour period. An absolute no, no. The cake needs time to rest darling!

Anyway, I soldiered on with much cursing and on the verge of tears and thought back to all the stories my fellow cakers had told about doing the same thing.

I wonder why we all don't learn from those around us? I know I am constantly at the moment.

These are some things I am learning:

1. No last minute orders
2. Three days IS the minimum time required to whip up a masterpiece, which means I need a weeks notice, so that I can plan and design your special cake. You can't rush the process, my quality could suffer, which means I don't feel good about making the cake and you may not get my best work. It is an art.
3. I need to start defining my business more (more on this lesson next blog).

Anyway, here are some more pics of the cake. I am pleased as I got to try a few things I have been wanting to for a while:

1. pink "bling" sparkles (it is going to look fabulous tonight)
2. a same colour board to cake
3. cirles, circles and more circles
4. new funky letters

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