Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The wheels on the bus go round and round..................

Would you believe that I am just packing to attend a "Novelty 101" course?

Oh what fun and despair I had doing this cake.

This is my first ever "novelty" fondant cake. The two women who ordered the Outback Wedding Cake wanted to represent the UK in their other cake. They loved the idea of a Routemaster London Bus.

So did I. I was really keen to have a go at this cake, having never done a "novelty" cake before. I researched and planned it like mad. In the end I just had to go for it. I was under pressure as I had three cakes to deliver in three days that week as I was on a flight to Melbourne on Thursday to attend "Novelty 101 & Novelty 102" at Planet Cake.

I think I may have put the cart before the horse here, probably should have attended the Novelty courses before doing a paid cake, but I don't care, I had a go! I think it turned out quite well and so did the wedding party.

It took far longer than I predicted and was more fiddly but I am learning something new everytime I do a cake.
It was the first time I had used "tappit" letter cutters. How hard are these little blighters!?!? I am sure I will get the hang of it but there was lots of tapping!

I already have great ideas on how to make it better next time. Just have to find someone wanting a bus, truck or train cake.


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