Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Diego Go!

I was asked by one of Oscar's school friend's mums to do a cake for her youngest son's birthday. She asked me well in advance (I really like this woman!) and she said "I will give you the theme and then you do what you want - cupcakes, normal cake, whatever". Like I said, love her!

Anyway, the little boy, Spencer, kept changing his mind between Wiggles big red car and Diego. Finally, two weeks out he confirmed "Diego!".

They only wanted a tiny cake as they were only having 8 people at the party, but I wanted to build a scene. I love scenes! A small cake wouldn't do. So I decided to pay them to take the cake (LOL!), and did a big cake for a small cake price. I will not get into the habit of doing this but it is early days, I am setting up business elsewhere, and I wanted to practice!

So, I channelled my years of watching Dora and Diego episodes with my oldest who was very into this Spanish speaking duo, and went with it. I pulled out the books and the toys we have and took it from there.

I have so much fun doing scenes on cakes. They are so forgiving and creative. Great combination.

Here are some more pics.

The cake was a huge success with the 3 year old, and the local pizza restaurant patrons that nightwhere all a buzz. Apparently it caused quite a stir.

The mum has already placed her order for the next cake in a couple of weeks time, this time for her birthday, and an entirely different theme!

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