Monday, October 26, 2009

not to be left out, some for the workers....the lumberjack cake

Apparently, this is my "best yet" according to some of the Workaholics staff. I could not send in cupcakes for the big wigs from Darwin without looking after my loyal eaters. So I got back to my golden rule and tried a new recipe.

This is a "Lumberjack" cupcake or a apple and date cupcake with cream cheese frosting and gold glitter for the "bling".

The people that know me will LOL as I am not into bling but I think this was subtle enough.

The recipe said to finely chop apple and dates but I kept them fairly chunky as I like a cupcake with body. Last time I did some apple cupcakes I felt that pureeing the apple ruined the whole thing. Note to self: Must try that one again with chunks!

Anyway, this batch ended with a few more people urging me to sell my wares at the Sunday market or from home. So many comments, particularily along the lines of "why are you wasting your talents on us". But I don't feel that way, I love to bake and I can not eat all the wares myself or they will need a crane to get me out of the house, so they are doing me a favour. I also know that a bit of homebaked goods can't hurt the Workholics reputation as the big boss and at the end of the day they are doing big hours in stressful jobs and deserve all the yummy stuff they get. So, enjoy!

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