Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Fruit Mince Cup Cakes

I love a good fruit cake. Nothing like it, especially those good old Lions Cakes for charity. I know, it is not exactly "home baked" but I just can't go past it. Dad was a Lion and he always gave us a couple at christmas. I would nibble away at it for weeks, that's if the Workaholic hadn't spied it first and turned it into a pudding by pouring custard over it and eating it swiftly.

This is why I had to try this recipe for Fruit Mince Cup Cakes. It appealled to me because I had so much other baking going on I didn't have time to soak my own fruit. This one called for a jar of ready made fruit mince and 1/2 a cup of brandy.

Alcohol, what could be wrong with a tipple in a fruit mince cup cake? Sounds reasonable. My only problem is that we live in a 'restricted' town where alcohol is not readily available like other parts of Australia. Here in the Northern Territory with a large indigenous or Aboriginal population many people like more than a tipple and alcohol selling has been restricted to certain hours, days, establishments for a couple of years. Not sure it is working but that is an entirely different blog. 

I am not a big drinker, in fact I rarely drink, but with two small children and limited hours to get a drop (ie - usually at the crazy hour before dinner and bath and things go mad) it can be a bit challenging at the best of times. Anyway I managed it and I think I have been black listed for buying the smallest bottle of brandy on their records. I think the people in the queue (and there is always a queue) thought I was completely mad!

Anyway, I have gone completely off topic! The cup cake is filled with spices, fruit mince and alcohol and came up a treat. Very subtle fruit flavour. I would usually like chunks of fruit but I think subtle is needed in such a small cake.

I also seem to find things in the most unusual places. I found the cup cake pans in the local "mad harry's" which is like a $2 shop. They were very cute and complimented the top nicely.

What would be a christmas cup cake without a christmas tree topper. I had such fun making these. I wish Christmas went on and on and on. I love making all the christmas items. 

Here I cut out stars and sprinkled gold glitter on them for the top of the tree, then I decorated the "tree" with silver balls. I loved them.

I think I better ask Santa for a new camera as I have been struggling lately - maybe it is the very late hours of the evening/morning I have been taking the shots! LOL.

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