Friday, February 5, 2010

Rocky Road Cup Cakes

Today is World Nutella Day! Who knew? Me, I am not a huge fan of Nutella, never really given it a chance, too scared that if I did, I would never look back and add ten kilos to my frame!

But I was on a friend's facebook site the other night and saw she had joined the "make Feb 5th World Nutella day" site. Well, I thought, what a great excuse for a cup cake!

I found this recipe in the Donna Hay Magazine which had a "couture cupcake" section. My brother's partner, Aislinn, has kindly lent me the magazine while subtly mentioning that the Rocky Road one looked good. Sorry Aislinn, it is, but 2,500km's is a bit far to send a cup cake, especially one with cream! LOL!

The cup cake itself had both hazelnut meal and dark chocolate in it and came up really nice and fluffy. I then cut out the tops of the cup cake and filled them with a teaspoon of Nutella and some mini marshmallows, before putting the tops back on again.

The icing was mainly cocoa and cream with a tiny bit of icing sugar. I love trying icing and frosting that moves away from the usual buttercream. Don't get me wrong, I love buttercream, but I like to try types of icing that are different to the everyday. I was happy with the icing taste but not overly happy with the finish.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was trying different piping tools. This one used a plain nozzle but it was not wide enough and ended up looking like something you would avoid on the front lawn! So, if you are experimenting yourself, go with the wider piping nozzle, like I did with the Snickerdoodle Cup Cake - you will be much happier!

These were a MASSIVE hit at the Workaholic's office, unfortunately he can't be trusted with the presentation of my cakes, as in his haste to get them to his office, so he could eat one himself mind you, he dropped them. Apparently they lost two and the others got decidedly messy, not to mention the carpet!

 Everyone moved past it though apparently, because they were taking them off the cup cake carrier and trying to scoop out anything left behind. The Workaholic said they were basically licking the tray - which is not a visual I want to think about too long!

Anyway, happy Nutella Day!

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