Thursday, September 23, 2010

The horses are on the track!

Sorry, couldn't help it, it's the Melbourne in me coming out, and it is Spring Racing Carnival time!

Okay, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that a few weeks ago, I declared my dislike for buttercream to decorate any cake bigger than a cupcake, and my determination never to do another one. This is still true, but you will notice that buttercream adorns the cake above (and it is not as good a finish as my fondant ones - my point exactly!).

However, I had promised to do this cake before "the big stand" and even then, I had argued with the poor mum who ordered it not to use buttercream. She is a friend and one of the Workaholic's workers, and swears black and blue that her daughter, the birthday girl, will not eat fondant icing, so I have made an exception (one last time, so don't get any ideas!!! LOL!)

I love cakes where I can create a scene and put in lots of detail. Then the recipient has fun searching out all the detail. I used this cake as an opportunity to play around with some modelling. It was great fun. I got some of my inspiration from a very talented Townsville lady who owns a cake business called "Happy Cakes". She does so great "scene" cakes and some very girlie cakes too.

Here is some of the detail. Try not to look at the yucky buttercream icing finish. And while you are at it, imagine how much better this cake would look with the smooth, sharp finish of fondant. LOL!

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