Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving or any excuse for another cup cake!

Mmmm, how I love sweet things with Pumpkin. Three Americans conspired to bring you this blog entry. 1. Martha Stewart who came up with this recipe. 2. Judy, my blogger friend, who put the result on her blog, and 3. My lovely American friend, Tammy who lives in Alice Springs and happened to have a can or two of Pumpkin she was willing to donate to my obsession!

These Pumpkin Cup Cakes baked so well I even took a photo of them "naked" pre incing. I made mini ones (as per first pic) and regular ones with very big pumpkins on top. In hindsight, those pumpkins should have been smaller but as Tammy said "there is no such thing as too much".

Everything just worked with this recipe, it was like poetry. Martha has come through with the cup cakes! The taste testers loved them and keep urging me to start my own business which is reassuring, they also agreed with me on the smaller pumpkin thought.

This entry will be short and sweet, not much to say when everything falls into place. I have also had a busy few weeks with some paid baking orders and some "love" orders for preschool break ups and camping trips with friends so I am going to stay out of the kitchen for a couple of days - this should be interesting, I usually get withdrawals after a couple of hours!

Next week will be the start of all things christmas and a few other bits and pieces for good measure.

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