Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planet Cake - 104 - 3 tiered wedding cake

I have just spent a week doing some more training at Planet Cake. What an amazing time. I always love going to their courses. Not just for the skills you learn from the brilliant teachers/facilitators, in this case Jessica and Effie. Absolutely talented and gracious professionals. But the opportunity to spend time with like minded cake obsessed people and share ideas and experiences. Invaluable.

I can not say enough about how great these classes are, particularily as you go up the skill levels. In the really early classes I found most of us are so busy just trying to learn all there is to know that you don't really chat, whereas now that I am in the more advanced classes we get on with it AND chat about all things cake. It is both energising and relaxing.

This weeks training gave me more experience in the "basic foundation" series, or wedding cakes. I have, just through customer requests, mainly worked in novelty cakes and I wanted a bit more exposure to wedding cakes and flower work.

This three teir cake introduces the cake decorator to the "tools". You need an electric drill, saw and glue gun to put the boards and dowl supports in to this cake to support it. Fun, fun, fun.

It also teaches a new flower. I have avoided flower work, it is a bit of a weakness, only because I haven't practiced. So I came away from this week with a goal to practice more which probably won't happen now until after Christmas as my days are filling up fast.

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