Friday, June 25, 2010

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes

Once again, I have been very slack on the blog front. My apologies. It seems word of mouth is spreading about Baked by Kate and I have been very busy baking for real paid jobs!
Can't complain about that! Very exciting. Some have been my usual buttercream cupcakes, some have been "fancy" cupcakes and others have been large and some very large cakes (more on the large cakes in another blog).

I thought I would just group some cupcake jobs in one blog, so lets get cracking!

The above was for a very nice lady to give to her daughter's preschool teachers at the end of semester before our big 4 week winter break. She gave them 4 each and I believe they created a stir at the preschool with the other mums, all wanting to know where to get them. Nice work Caz!

As usual, the picture doesn't really do them justice as my wonky camera has finally given up the fight and I have been borrowing cameras and we are all still getting to know each other! However, I have just bought myself a Cannon on sale but not sure how it is going to go yet. You may have to use your imagination with the pics for a while!

This one was a "love" job (pardon the pun), for my son's teacher at school, who is getting married in Canada over the holidays. The class and the parents threw her a little bridal shower and I was "nominated" to make the "wedding" cupcakes.

It was great fun and I surprised some parents as to what I do. One even said "you never really know people, do you?". I think she meant it in a good way! She was trying to say that we have know each other for 2 years and speak on an almost daily basis at school and she had no idea I baked. Well, there are so many other things to talk about, terrible salesperson I am!
Here is a shot in action, minus the kids, as I don't like doing that without parent's consent, however they were all very excited!

The next job was for a woman leaving her workplace for maternity leave and to have a little baby boy. It turned out that her last day was only a week before her due date, so by the time I delivered them for afternoon tea, she had already taken off early that morning "not feeling well", so I assume the baby is on it's way and I know her co workers appreciated them anyway!

Being only in the early days of this small hobby business I am learning many things as I go. One of them is how often I hear "do what you want" or "what do you think?". This was one of those jobs, so I decided to play around with my two loves, buttercream and fondant! I am quite comfortable putting fondant toppers on buttercream but I had never gone this far! Gasp! I think they are really cute. Love the disk idea, makes a nice combination and a lot quicker than the full fondant design.

And finally, my first love, the plain old buttercream cupcake. I have been doing lots of these, and seeing as you have all seen them all before I don't usually put up a blog or picture about every one of them, but for old time sake here's the order for a little girls party tomorrow.....

Ahhhhh, I still love 'em! Good night!

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