Thursday, September 9, 2010

The artist cake

In the two and a bit years we have been in Alice Springs, my father in law has been drawing and painting pictures or postcards to send to my children. Basically they get about two drawings a week. He is quite the talent and then he, or my mother in law, write little notes or stories on the back.

The kids love it and I think it is priceless. I have kept most of them and think it will be an amazing memory box to have of their grandparents in years to come.

To take the time and effort each week just shows the love he has for our children and they have a great relationship with him. He has started doing it for my new neice who lives in NZ too now.

He was up visiting us for his birthday this year and I had lots of ideas for his cake. He loves the Stuart Desert Peas, so I was going to cover a cake in them, he also loves the Ghan (the train that comes through from Adelaide to Darwin a couple of times a week), but in the end I thought the artist palette was the most fitting and achievable to do in secret while he was living in my house.

The cake board is my first attempt at "floorboards" or wood panelling with icing. I am chuffed with the result.

He was pleased with the cake but my kids could not understand why the cake had a hole in it! I had to explain what a palette was! LOL!

Happy Birthday Normie!

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