Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coffee & Walnut Cake & Frangapani flowers

Oh, the joys of a moulded flower. The workaholic was off in Darwin again this week, so I spent the night in front of the box making flowers and other moulded things. Had a ball. Gone are the days of putting your flower together piece by piece. This is great.

The cup cake itself is coffee and walnut and got rave reviews in the workaholics office.

Really think I am getting closer to doing a market stall......pity it is going to heat up very soon.


  1. Wow - our very own Julia!! lol Beautiful cakes yum yum - someone in the family had to be a baker surely!! I will continue to read you blog and look forward to one day sampling the merchandise!

  2. Hi Cuz!

    Thanks. It is a bit LOL but lots of fun. Just got to keep my hands out of the mixing bowl!