Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snickerdoodle Cup Cakes

Meet the Snickerdoodle Cup Cake. She is gorgeous, isn't she? Thank you Martha Stewart!

I am going to call this week, Gourmet Cup Cake Week. I have tried three new cupcakes, all with little twists in them, all of them gorgeous, and all of them worthy of being called "Gourmet".

You are probably bored to death with my obsession with cup cakes so I will try and keep the next three blogs brief (yeah, right, like that is ever likely to happen!).

While visiting us, my brothers partner, Aislinn, left me a couple of old Donna Hay magazine issues. One of them included a "couture cup cake" section. I want to try them all, particularily the ones that used different types of icing to my standard buttercream. I did try two, which will feature soon, and it ignited a desire to keep searching for different and delicious cup cakes. This lead me to Martha Stewart's internet site. Yum!

I have written earlier about Snickerdoodle cookies. I love cinnamon, it's the best spice around. The cup cake mix itself is fairly standard with cake flour and cinnamon thrown in. However, the best reason to try this cup cake is the "seven minute" frosting. It is basically a marshmallow frosting, much like the one I tried for the Caramel bliss cup cakes in an earlier blog but MUCH easier.

You may remember the instructions for that frosting left me with a "crime scene" like mess to clean up, calling for me to use electric hand beaters over the stove etc. This one is so simple and tastes just as good, as in divine. I lamented back then that it was so messy and clumsy to make, that I was detered from doing it again. The discovery of this version of the frosting has turned all that around.

I also have been experimenting with different tips for my frosting, trying to not always using a star pipe. I have had mixed results as you will see in the next two blog entries, however, this time I think I nailed it. I am very impressed with the look of these, if I do say so myself, I can imagine them sitting in a shop window.

They are finished off with a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon just like a snickerdoodle. Mmmmmmmmmm. Just perfect to win over the Workaholic's Executive Director who is down in Alice for a visit.

The recipe can be found on Martha Stewart's website.

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