Friday, October 16, 2009

I learnt something new in my search for Banana Cup Cakes......

Have I told you I am obsessed with baking??

The workaholic was away in Darwin for a couple of nights and at about 6pm on one of the nights I glanced over at the fruit bowl and spied 4 large bananas past their prime but begging to be put in a cup cake. So......

......I promptly fed the kids and poured their tired bodies into the car and hot footed it around to the local IGA for some buttermilk and macadamias. Hey right....something the local will have.

I also reasoned with myself that I was only going to the two supermarkets in my suburb, if I had to go to "town" I would drawn the line. Now, people need to remember that I live in Alice Springs. It is a town of about 30,000. Anywhere in town is 5 minutes away. "Going to town" was not a big deal, in fact, in all honesty that is where I live, "in town". Suburbs where only created in Alice Springs for real estate agent purposes, I don't think the suburbs actually really exist anywhere out of their mind, but anyhow! Apparently, it is a big deal for me to go "to town". Apparently I have lived here too long.

Anyway, surprise, surprise, I could get the nuts at hugely inflated prices at the local but not the buttermilk - go figure. So, dejected and with two bemused kids in tow I went home. After putting the angels to bed I reasoned there must be another way to get my cakes made without compromising on buttermilk.....and after a quick internet search (what did we do pre-internet?), I discovered there was.

Now, this may be old news to everyone else but I love the fact I have discovered you can make buttermilk with white vinegar and milk. No more half used buttermilk going off in my fridge!! Love, love, love it.

So that is what I learnt. However, by the time I "learnt" it, I was over baking, so put it away for tomorrow.

But it doesnt end there. The next day I was in at the kids toy playgroup when I spied a couple of rotten bananas - what parent "donated" rotten banana's for the kids fruit platter?? That's a bit off isn't?? Bit cheeky, but given I know the lady who runs the sessions through netball, I had a quite word and said "I'll take the rotten banana's off your hands in exchange for some Banana Cup Cakes". Got no arguement and here is the result.
They have chocolate fudge icing and are toped with two of my new toppers - the cupcake and the butterfly. They were a big hit with the Play Group, one of my kids friends parents and the workaholic's workplace. I made so much I still have 10 in my fridge.

Anyway, this cup cake is dedicated to the QLDers amongst us who all probably have a great Banana Cup Cake recipe. Mine is actually borrowed from one!


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