Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jake's shark cake

One of the advantages of me back in Mornington, for my friends here anyway, is my ability to make birthday cakes. One of my best friends pounced on me the moment I was back with a "I'm so glad your here, you can make Jake's cake!"
Jake's dad is a big time fisherman and diver, loves all things sea, hence his little boy is following in his foot steps. He had already requested a fishing boat or a shark for a cake. He knows everything about the sea and its creatures. For him, sharks are not sharks, they are gummy sharks, hammerhead sharks etc. He has that much detail at 4. No pressure though!

To put the next bit into context, we did move house this week and the Workaholic started a new job so it was full on. Cake decorating in the middle of boxes. My how I stressed over the detail in this cake. So much so, that the night before when the Workaholic was strolling by the kitchen and he said, "more like a whale, than a shark" and then wandered back in later, closer to midnight, when I had thought I had resolved the issue, and he said "more like a dolphin, than a shark", I spat at him "YOU DO IT!" To which I gave him a crash course in fondant and modelling and off he went.

So this cake is a joint effort! Well the shark is anyway, he moulded the body and I did all the rest. He is turning into quite the handy apprentice. He has had "do a pottery course" on his list of hobbies to do for so long, maybe this can be his substitute.

I was happy with the cake, I really like doing cakes with a bit of a scene. I loved the sand and the pier. Could have gone nuts on this cake if I had some more time that week.

The workaholics meddling brings me to another subject. How critical my family have become of my cakes. No longer is it "wow, that is fantastic", I get a bit of "oh, there's a crack there" or "you should have done a stingray". Spoilt, all three of them. They spend all there time dreaming up bigger and better cakes for me to do.

Anyway, back to the main story, the shark cake. It went down a dream, was showcased at the party and my name was exchanged with the guests, while I was left cutting up the cake. Is there anyone out there who makes cakes that doesn't have to then cut up the cake if they are at the function too? If there is, I would like to meet them. LOL!

Happy 5th birthday Jake!

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  1. This cake is amazing and extremely impressive. I'm printing it out and using it as inspiration for the cake that I'm going to make my son for his first birthday party in two weeks. Wish me luck and thanks for sharing your pics!