Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have been spoilt!

This post is a departure from my normal posts in that it doesn't have any baked goods in it, however I was so blessed this christmas, I had to write about it. Firstly, I had a wonderful time surrounded by family and friends in my old town of Mornington. We had a great weather and managed to get out and about and see lots of our friends we had not seen for the 18 months we have lived in Alice Springs.

Then Santa spoilted me completely with lots of baking related gifts, everything from Donna Hay subscriptions to baking cook books, zesters, cake stands and other handy little kitchen items.

To top all that Christmas cheer off, the workaholic, in conjuction with Santa, is sending me for a week long intesive cake decorating class at Planet Cake in Sydney! I am so excited and overwhelmed. It is such a generous present and totally unexpected. It has taken me the three weeks or so since christmas to recover.

A whole week in Sydney to immerse myself in my passion and learn new skills to make the presentation on my cakes just that little bit special. He is even flying his parents in to look after my beautiful kids so I don't have to worry.

I look forward to telling you all about it in March when I come back.

New Years Day saw another birthday for me (I have stopped counting) and many vouchers and contributions towards my much longed for mixer, a Deluxe Kitchen Aid.  You may remember that my mixer blew up some months ago (see earlier post) and I have been managing on a second hand Kenwood. The Kenwood was a revelation to me and is still going strong and will become my "spare" as I often bake up so much of a storm that I need two at once.

But how I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new "baby". The company I ordered it from just happened to have 5% off all stock a few days after my birthday so I got a further discount and it is due to arrive any day now.  My family talked me into moving away from the standard kitchen aid and going with the commercial grade one. I am glad they did. I did have to compromise on my "racey red" one though and get a blue one.

I look forward to many happy days baking with it and will let you know when it arrives, along with my first creation. I hope it is soon as it would be really special to be able to do some Australia Day baking as the first things to be baked in the KitchenAid!

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